Where do we go next?

The Ewave product is in continual development. We are expanding the universe of components we control. We extend to customers full control of their solar panel production – should I consume now, or sell? Is it wiser to store locally, for future consumption? Battery packages massively reduce vulnerability to power failures or black outs. In many countries, household rely on fossil fuel generators to ensure back up power supply. We will give them the option of low maintenance & noise free backup solutions – all of which are completely renewable.


All industrialized nations face two upcoming challenges:

  • How to deal with the growing climate crisis by reducing carbon footprint, mainly through switching to renewable energy production and electrification of society

  • How to handle the massive costs required for simultaneously increasing grid capacity, removing bottlenecks and ensure a balanced national grid?


Ewave is part of the solution to these problems for the consumer. With our continuous, automatic energy pricing input from accredited online sources, the system shifts consumption from peak to off-peak periods. Furthermore, utility companies are in the process of introducing load-pricing for end-consumers, imposing massive penalty tariffs for excessive total power outtake. The Ewave system will help consumers to stay within their constraints by switching off heavy power consumption units when necessary, reconnecting them when the power outtake has been reduced. Good examples are car chargers and pool heating. If the consumer installs storage in the form of a battery pack, Ewave’s system uses this to ensure excessive-use penalty tariffs are avoided.

Another current development is for grid owners to pay individual consumers for switching off points of consumption at peak hours, just as they do now with large industrial players. Ewave brings this system to households and other small consumers, enabling a partnership between utilities and consumers where both contribute to and benefit from measures that reduce investment requirement. We want the consumers to get their fair share of the savings, not just grid owners and large industrial companies.


In short, we aim to moderate and counter all penal measures imposed by governments and utilities, ensuring energy bills stay as low as possible. Ewave focuses exclusively on working for the consumer.