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Ewave helps reduce grid load at Hvaler

At Hvaler, a small community some 90 minutes’ drive from Oslo with a large number of vacation homes, the grid is not dimensioned for the consumption of the inhabitants in the vacation season. As an alternative to investing heavily in extending the capacity of the grid, a test was performed in 2014 implementing a new tariff penalizing excessive power outtake combined with Ewave ver. 2 display. The participants experienced a reduction of more than 20%, and when asked, the project manager stated that “the new tariff was so complex, that had we not provided the display, they most likely would not have participated”.

Back in 2014, the system was still a display only, with a developed algorithm predicting future consumption based on previous data. Still, the consumers had to run around their homes turning switches on and off. Further, the participants were all motivated, contributing to the results. The results were still a good indication of the potential of the system as we released version 3, with the major addition that it now also would control the various points of consumption.

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