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Beta-version achieves 22% savings in early testing

Ewave has been in development for more than a decade. The vision has from the very beginning been to help consumers reduce their energy bills, increasing the awareness about how energy is used. The very first version was tested by Sintef, one of Europe’s largest independent research institutes, with less than 100 participants. Being a beta version, the test showed that the product needed further development before it could be launched commercially. Still, a test family, being challenged with reducing their electricity consumption by 20% over a period of one month in the winter, managed to exceed this by achieving a 22% reduction. And remember, at this stage the product only consisted of a display, informing the consumers about their consumption. They then had to run around the house and manually switch the various ovens etc. on and off.

There is no doubt that at that stage, it took a motivated family to achieve the savings. Still, it gave a hint of what ordinary consumers could expect with a more developed version.

The data are from page 30 of the report, stating that test family would have to consume 400 kWh per week if they were achieve a 20% reduction. The actual consumption was 390 kWh per week, a reduction of 22%.

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