Today’s product is the result of a long journey, starting a decade ago when a team of enthusiasts developed the first tool enabling consumers to get an overview of their consumption. The product was very simple and required homeowners to run around the house, turning heating, water boilers and ovens on and off, based on input from the display.


Ewave´s solution today is a very different product – it keeps the consumer informed in real-time about consumption levels, but also controls the sources of consumption automatically and dynamically, switching them on and off based on the consumer’s own chosen energy saving profile. This helps avoid unnecessary energy consumption as well as actively shifting consumption from daily periods of higher to those with lower energy prices. This helps the customer save up to 30% on their energy bill, with some even reporting in excess of 40%.


We are also committed to providing solutions that avoid customers having to change basic infrastructure in their homes. Our goal is to control what is already there – be it a boiler from the 90´s, floor heating from the 80´s or panel ovens from the 2000´s. We will continue down this path by expanding the portfolio of components the system control in the future.